About Us

Academic Centre Of excellence


Community transformation through ICT training and leadership formation.


Centred on the Way of the Cross on Mount Michiru:

  • Our students will become skilled people, ready for work with the right attitude and character. They will become confident leaders.
  • Through JPII LITI, there will be more opportunities for self-employment and entrepreneurs will be enabled to create jobs. 
  • Industry and employers locally and internationally will seek out JPII LITI graduates.
  • There will be a substantial reduction in poverty through wealth created by JPII LITI.
  • JPII LITI will be an institution of excellence in ICT and leadership formation both nationally and internationally. 



The St. John Paul II Leadership and Information Technology Institute (JP II LITI) is part of Beehive Centre for Social Enterprise, a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. Beehive began in 2007 in response to the lack of jobs in Chilomoni. Its mission is to transform the quality of life in the area of the cross on Mount Michiru. Beehive creates jobs and enterprises, develops peoples’ capabilities, skills and self-development and improves buildings and the environment. The Beehive Centre for Social Enterprise works to achieve sustainability through professional commercial enterprises.


JP II LITI takes its inspiration from the servant leadership offered by Blessed Pope John Paul II.  The JPII LITI slogan is 

“A quest for personal sacrifice and public service 

for a better world and fulfilled humanity 

through ICT training and leadership formation.”


The modest beginnings in 2007 under the name Beehive IT Training, sited behind St James Catholic Church, were in response to young people wanting to learn about computers to get a good job. A move to new, purpose-built premises in May 2011 presented JP II LITI with an opportunity to grow its professionalism and extend the range of activities. The courses offered to students are based on demand-driven curriculum which is relevant for today’s students and employers. Most students are school leavers who study for six-months to two years. JP II LITI was started by the UK-based charity Krizevac Project. It is fully endorsed by the government body TEVETA, the Technical, Entrepreneurial and Vocational Training Authority.